TwitVid App For Android Now Available

If you like sharing videos on Twitter, then try TwitVid for Android. It makes sharing videos a lot simpler.

With the app, you can record a video using the camera and upload straight to Twitter or you can select any existing videos from your phone gallery.

Android Market description:
Twitvid is the easiest way to post a video or a photo to Twitter or Facebook
Twitvid lets you post videos or photos on Twitter or Facebook from your Android device. Its super easy to use.

Here’s how it works:
1. Select or Capture a video or photo
2. Insert a message
3. Post it on Twitter or Facebook

Try out Twitvid now.. of course many Twitter apps allows video uploading but this one is like straight to the point and quite direct in what the app does.

Twitvid, Android: FREE