New Facebook Messenger App For Android & iOS May Have Just Killed SMS, Whatsapp & iMessage

Guess what, Facebook just released a multi-platform messenger app (Android & iOS) today. It’s different from their main one and this Facebook Messenger app only does messaging.

Just like Whatsapp, Pingchat, Kik and many other multi-platform messaging app, it uses data connection to send messages and photos. You just need to login once and you are forever connected on the app whether it’s opened or not on your mobile phone.

As you can see, once you logged in, the app will list out all you previous Facebook chats which you have done on the website and allows you to continue your conversations on the app itself.

Tapping on the settings button will allow you to mute the chat alerts for either 1 hour or until you wake up the next morning. You can also allow the app to show your location to anyone you are chatting with.

See how the app notifies me when someone sends me messages on Facebook chat? The screen on the right shows the location of the person you are chatting with.

Seeing how this app works just like Whatsapp and is integrated with Facebook chat, it just got millions of users at launch as Facebook is now a player with 750 million users worldwide. It’s also a lot simpler and easier to use Facebook Messenger because users already have their contacts on their respective Facebook accounts unlike Whatsapp whereby you need to add their phone numbers or iMessage which only works if you have one another’s email addresses.

In case if the friend you want to chat with does not have Facebook Messenger installed or not online on, there’s an option to send them messages via SMS in the app, just like iMessage.

Give it a try and start messaging your Facebook friends now! Bear in mind that the app might not appear on your search yet as it was just launched and currently being iterated to your country’s Appstore.

Facebook Messenger, iPhone: FREE
Facebook Messenger, Android: FREE


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