‘Anomaly: Warzone Earth’ For iOS. An Incredible Tower Offense Game

Let me start this article by saying.. “THIS GAME IS REALLY REALLY AWESOME”.

Being an iPhone or iPad user, I’m sure you have at least encountered some Tower Defense games on the AppStore. Many people (like me) LOVES Tower Defense games as they are strategical, action packed and fun to play with. Now this new one called ‘Anomaly: Warzone Earth’ is something like that but with a twist. Instead of building towers and attacking troops of army/vehicles, it’s totally the other way round. Some call it ‘reverse tower defense’ but I think the more appropriate term would be ‘tower offense’.

With simple yet comprehensive gameplay and SUPER AWESOME 3D graphics, Anomaly: Warzone Earth is set in a bombed-out, alien-infested world full of sand, bullets, and bombs.

So basically you control the troops which will eventually go through the land filled with enemy turrets. It does not stop there. The most important part of the game; plot out the course you’ll take during the mission.

The path you need to plot very much depends on the requirement of that particular level. Some requires you to reach an end point. At times you might need to destroy certain turrets so you might have to plot a route to go round and round the ‘city’ in order to complete the quest.

You get some aids in the game to help you through. “Repair” lets you set an area of repair whereby trops will regain health when they move through the area. “Smoke screen” lets you deploy smoke into a big area which will then lower down the accuracy of turrets. There are a few more of these which you have to explore to find out.

Like any other iOS games, you unlock achievements as you play. ‘Anomaly: Warzone Earth’ uses Crystal to record and share your progress apart from the usual Gamecenter.

Check out this video of ‘Anomaly: Warzone Earth’. I’m very sure you will fall in love with the graphics and gameplay after watching.

‘Anomaly: Warzone Earth’; iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch: $1.99

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