Photos & Video Of Nokia N9 Launch In Malaysia

Just got back from the media launch of Nokia N9 here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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So the media launch event just now was held at KL Live.

The launch started with some ‘Parkour’ performance, to signify the fluidity of the N9 interface.

Vlasta Berka, Nokia GM Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei introducing the Nokia N9 and explaining the features to the audience. He also mentioned that the N9 will be available for purchase starting October. The 16GB model will be priced at RM1799 and 64GB at RM2088.

Nokia Malaysia will work with telcos in the country to provide the N9 with some packages. Click here to find out (though the information is not up yet).

Anthony Wilson, Head of Marketing, Singapore, Malaysia & Brunei then demonstrated the interface and some apps live via the projector.

The agenda ended with a Q&A session. Audiences were then guided to the N9 booths.

Though I’ve seen and played with the N9 too many times, I am still awed by the vibrancy and clarity of the screen + the fluidity and smoothness of the interface.

It renders websites very smoothly. I have also highlighted some awesome features in the hands-on video below.

Watch and leave a comment on what you think ya?

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