Street Fighter 4 Volt Adds ‘FeiLong’ and ‘Yun’ in New Update!

It was just a month ago when Capcom added 2 characters to it’s Street Fighter variant on the iPhone. Sakura and Makoto, both female characters. They are at it again this month and 2 male characters have been added among other little features in this new update.

What’s New in Version 1.02.00
・New characters “FeiLong” and “Yun” are added
・GoodFight button is added to thank the rivals after fight
・60 new icons and titles are added
・Friend Request button is added
・Communication is not cut off by receiving text messages or Friend Requests

As you can see here, the 2 new characters have been added to the selection menu.

Notice the new button on this screen. You can tap on this and request a friend to get Street Fighter and join you in a game.

Good news! The game is now even cheaper than last month! Grab it while it’s still at this low price.

Street Fighter 4 Volt; iPhone: $2.99