First Look: WhatsApp Messenger On Windows Phone 7.5 [video]

Just last week we posted about Whatsapp Messenger coming to Windows Phone 7.5 and now someone has already managed to install it on their Mango device!

Someone managed to rip the XAP from the private Marketplace (apparently this version of WhatsApp is just beta for testing usage) and now we have a video!

Information we have now about WhatsApp:
– For Mango only (fully integrates with your Contacts)
– Very fast
– Has Push Notifications (toast & live tile update)
– Users can send message, share location and send images
– No landscape support in this version
– Has Whatsapp’s signature green checkmarks to indicate sent/received status

In my opinion, though this early testing version of WhatsApp is quite empty and uninteresting, it would be sufficient for me to survive on a Windows Phone as long as I get to communicate with my contacts using WhatsApp.

What do you think?
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