Microsoft Launches Windows Phone Web Marketplace [video]

Just few days ago Microsoft announced the launch of the long awaited web version of the Marketplace and it looks and works just as expected with a little extra feature. Read on to find out.

The layout of the web Marketplace has “Metro” painted all over and looks very good with lots of white space and easy to read fonts. There are 5 main sections; Discover, Buy, Marketplace, How-To, and My Phone.

Discover is basically a section that explains the new features of WP7.5 aka Mango like Threads, Groups and Local Scout.
Buy is where you can check out the Windows Phones available in the market and make purchase there.

As usual, Marketplace is where users get to see the plethora of apps available for Windows Phone. Tap on one and it will bring up the detailed page of the app/game.

The web Marketplace has a feature that allows you to install apps on your phone wirelessly by just a few clicks on the website. Check out the video demo below to find out more.

If you are a new user, the How-to section is for you. There are tutorials, tips and tricks put up on the page to help u around with the Windows Phone.

The extra feature I mentioned above is the “My Phone” section, which lets you easily find, lock and even erase your phone if it gets lost and gives you lighting fast access to apps, photos and docs.

Check out the video below for detailed demonstration of the web Marketplace.