Frustrated With Blackberry? Microsoft Will Give You A Free Windows Phone

This might sound ridiculous but its true!

Microsoft’s Windows Phone division is well known for all these publicity stunts. This time around, Microsoft, via Windows Phone evangelist Ben Rudolph, is giving away 25 Windows Phones to those with the best BlackBerry stories of why they are frustrated with the company and their phones.

Why are they doing this? Well in case you didn’t know, RIM is currently having some issues with their BES Email and BIS service, whereby customers are experiencing major downtime world-wide. It’s so bad that RIM had to hold a press conference to address that matter.

So it’s fun to see Microsoft taking a dig by trying to get a few users to switch over, but don’t you think 25 is too too low? Maybe they should give out 25,000 or something. 😀 Just saying.

@BenThePCGuy, Source.