HOW TO: Hide ‘NewsStand’ Icon On iOS5

If you have tried to get rid of the Newsstand icon (like me), you would realise that you can’t. There’s no way to put in into a folder or delete it.

Fret not. There’s a solution to hide it.

According to Techcrunch:, this is how you do it
1) Drag one non-Newsstand app onto another non-Newsstand app. This will create a folder.
2) While the folder is being created and the little animation is being played out, immediately drag the Newsstand app onto this newly created folder. (It helps to have the apps you’re creating a folder from already close to wherever the Newsstand app is sitting. The trick is to get it in there before the new folder automatically expands on screen)
3) Bam! You’ve got a new folder, complete with the Newsstand app inside. So much room for activities!

I just did it and it worked. Try it!

  • AlvinC

    u should put a warning up there that while in folder, do not use the newsstand app as it will restart the iphone.

  • Eprice Cafeole

    I was so tired of that thing. That worked perfect on the first try. Thanks a million!

  • Jesus

    it’s b u l l s h i t cause it don’t f u c k i n g work