Half Camera App Lets You Take Half Frame Photos On Your iPhone

Photo junkies! Here’s another app for you to ‘indulge’ in. lol… Half Camera lets you take retro style half-frame photos so you can fit 2 images into 1 frame.
The app lets you take photos in that 18×24 format, then apply a range of effects before saving/printing two frames side-by-side, just like the real thing.

– Beautiful user interfaces.
* Classic camera style.
– 10 + more awesome effects
* HalfCamera supports 10+ effects. You can use it before & after taking photos.

* HalfCamera has an 18×24 format view finder, and you can use it to change effects.
* You can control the flash. (iPhone 4 ONLY)
* You can use either the front or rear camera. (iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4 ONLY)
* Every photo is saved in iPhone’s Camera Roll.

DP Center & Film Binder
* You can manage all photos.
* You can retake, apply effects and import pictures from iPhone’s Camera Roll.
* You can enjoy viewing whole films in film binder mode.
* You can write on images.
* You can select frames for images at preview mode.
* You can upload images with text on Twitter and Facebook.

Half Camera, iPhone: FREE

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