Instagram Is Coming To Windows Phone?

We all know what Instagram is right? I bet it’s also the reason why you are reading this post.

So WPCentral posted that Instagram developer, Bil Simser has been working on an Instagram client for Windows Phone called Metrogram.

Bil tweeted that it didn’t take him long to build the apps. This shows how easy it is to actually code something for Windows Phone platform.

58 minutes later an a new wp7 Instagram client is born. I think that’s a record for me “Writing the Instagram client for #wp7 has been so freaking easy. 2 hours and I have a fully functional client

If you notice, the app is called Metrogram so that also means that it’s not an official Instagram app. An update on the site has also mentioned that the app is only an Instagram viewer.

Oh well, as long as we can view, comment and like… that’s already 60% of the fun. Better than nothing right?


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