Race Across Valleys With Woody Woodpecker For iPhone & iPad! [video]

Hey 80’s kids, remember that mischievious bird that pecks on trees we used to watch on tv when we were young? He’s back and now invading iOS devices!

App introduction:
It’s time for high flying mischief and crazy tricks with your favorite feathered friend! Join Woody Woodpecker and his pals as they race across green valleys and icy slopes. Speed past your opponents and grab first place by timing your touches just right.

Woody Woodpecker is basically a 2D racing game which works exactly the same like “Tiny Wings“. The mechanics is simple. Slide up and down the hill by just a single tap. Just tap on the screen when you are going down the slope and release when it is going up.

In the game you have the option to select which character you want to be, and then race among the other characters from the cartoon to see who reaches the end in the shortest time. There are random power boosts and power ups to help you in your race.

Choose from any of the five famous Woody Woodpecker characters and ride those slopes. Use the super simple one-touch mechanic to gain momentum on the down slope and fly out like a rocket on the other side!

All of your favorite characters are here – Woody Woodpecker, Chilly Willy, Winnie Woodpecker, Miss Meanie, and Buzz Buzzard! Each has their own special characteristics including acceleration, top speed and even a special power-up.

Take your skills online and race against people from all over the world using the quick and easy Wi-Fi based multi-player mode.

Watch this video below to find out more.

Woody Woodpecker; iPhone & iPad: $0.99