HTC Radar Hands-On Review pt.2: LIVE TILES [video]

This is the 3rd post on my HTC Radar hands-on. Unboxing post here and review part 1 here.

After using it for 1 month+ now, I realise that the Windows Phone OS is really simple to use and also very fluid. There was no lag and it has never hung throughout my day to day usage til now.

The touch sensitive buttons at the bottom of the screen is very sensitive and are more prefered over hardware buttons. This is because touch buttons does not require energy to press and it eliminates the chance of the button getting faulty.

Windows Phones have this feature that allows users to activate the camera even when the phone is locked. Just press and hold the camera button on the side and it will be activated within 1-2 seconds.

Live Tiles are the little squares on the main screen that acts as a shortcut and also a widget to the individual apps. They keep flipping and displays latest update like new tweets, mentions, new RSS feed updates, new email, recipe updates etc.

All in all, it’s one of the best phones I’ve used so far. Even when I sometimes switch to other phones, I will still miss the Windows Phone metro UI and social platform integration in the OS. It’s just SO GOOD you need to try to experience it yourself.

For now, check out this demo I recorded on how to utilise the Live Tiles.