Woman Who Assembles iPads Claimed They Were Treated Inhumanely In Foxconn [video]

CNN did an interview with one of the staffs in Foxconn, the factory which builds iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches for Apple just recently and published the video which is kinda shocking as she revealed something that is worth looking into.

CNN calls her ‘Mrs. Chen’. She works in Foxconn installing iPad screens for every single hour in her life when she’s not sleeping. The surprising thing is that she has never actually seen a full working a iPad before until CNN showed it to her.

Quoting her:

During my first day of work, an older worker said to me, ‘why did you come to Foxconn? Don’t ever think about it again and leave right now’…Foxconn employees have a saying, “they use women as men and men as machines… there’s another way of saying it, ‘they use women as men, and use men as animals.

Check the video interview below.