Nokia Portable USB Charger DC-16 Hands-On Preview [video]

At MWC12, apart from the cool devices announced by Nokia like the PureView 808 and Lumia 610, they also introduced some cool accessories. This one caught our eyes and apparently many seem to be very attracted to this little gadget too.

It’s none other than the Nokia Portable USB Charger DC-16.

It comes in 4 colours, Black, White, Cyan and Magenta. Packs 2200mAH battery that promises 2 full charge for your device.

The DC-16 just look super sexy and since it supports micro USB, you can actually use it to charge any of your devices that supports it (most phones in the market now supports it anyway).

It has a 4-led light indicator that shows you how much battery power is left in the tube so you wont go clueless finding out if you can still bring along with you when you leave the house.

– 23.3 mm x 23.3 mm x 120 mm
– 75g
– LED charging status indicatorPower indicator key
– Fast charging with 950 mA output < quite high for a tiny device. - Up to 3 months standby time with up to 75% capacity

The DC-15 will cost about 20-30 Euros and will be out soon so keep an eye on the announcement!

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