Flight Control Rocket Just Out! Supports Retina Display iPad [video]

I used to be addicted to the game Flight Control.. but after a while, with so many other games launched, I kinda.. didnt play it anymore.
But seems like the good ol times is back! The guys from EA has just released Flight Control Rocket!

Flight Control Rocket is the next evolution of Firemint’s genre-defining #1 hit, Flight Control.
Leave the terrestrial skies of Earth and venture into a whole new galaxy of adventure, action, and addictive path-drawing gameplay!

Simple Game, Stellar Content
• The classic Flight Control experience – but with a retro Sci-Fi inspired flavor and pace all of its own
• 15 spacecraft with unique abilities and characteristics
• Thrilling game modes such as the fast-paced Infinity and the expansive Odyssey
• A cast of quirky Robots with special powers that help boost your score

Unlimited Fun
• Unlock a near endless number of stages. Push onward and venture to the farthest frontiers…
• Multiple lives means one collision isn’t the end of your daring ion-powered adventure. The galaxy loves a risk-taker…
• Keep your fleet fully stocked with goodies from the Shop
• Compete with the galaxy’s top captains on the online leaderboards
• Prove your worth as a commander and claim Game Center achievements that will test your mettle… and that of your Mothership!

The game is among the first few to be released to support the Retina Display on the new iPad. So if you are getting the new tablet, this game is worth checking out.
Watch the video below for more info.

Flight Control Rocket, iOS: $0.99