Watch Anime On The Go With ‘Crunchyroll’ For Windows Phone!

If you are an anime fan, Crunchyroll will definitely sound familiar to you. To those who are not, it’s a website to stream and watch animes with english subtitles.

They just released the official Crunchyroll app for Windows Phone and it looks clean with the Metro UI interface

Download the app to watch the latest anime from Japan in English and legally! Now you can watch new episodes 1 hour after airing in Japan on your Windows Phone device!

Watch the latest anime shows like Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, Shugo Chara!, Blue Exorcist, Gintama, The World God Only Knows, Bodacious Space Pirates, Nisemonogatari, Eyeshield 21, Skip Beat!, Beelzebub, Gosick, and more.

If you are a Crunchyroll member or an anime fan, go get this app now for FREE from the Windows Phone Marketplace.