Blackberry 10 Announced, Looking Awesome And Promising [Sneak Peek]

At BlackBerry World 2012 yesterday in Orlando, Florida, RIM has previewed their new Blackberry 10 OS, which was previously named “BBX’ and they also revealed endorsements from a number of key partners who have already confirmed their excitement for the upcoming launch of the BlackBerry 10 platform.

Here are some screenshots of the OS

In the new interface, RIM is focusing heavily on gestures to move between and within apps. It’s called “flow,” as CEO Thorsten Heins put it.

When you are in an app, you can swipe left from the right edge of the screen to reveal your notifications. A “half-swipe” will simply show your unread count from your various accounts, while a full swipe will take you directly into the messaging and email app.

As Blackberry is well known for their keyboard, they also put in a lot of effort to bring the same experience to the users despite the device being a touchscreen phone. They have introduced some new innovations to the keyboard like swipe to complete/select the word suggestions, swipe to write instead of typing, etc.

Watch the video below for a more realistic demo.