O2Jam U For iPhone & iPad Available Now! [video]

Back in the early 2000 there was only 1 game big enough to be on par as Diablo 3 of 2012. What was it? The rhythm game O2Jam of course!

It’s about time for the craze to be relived and this time around, they are are on iOS!
As a HOT mobile application, O2Jam U adopts traditional top-down note pattern. O2Jam U provides a variety of notes and optimized songs to emphasize rhythm on your devices.

I’ve been playing with it the whole night and although it’s called O2Jam, it just didnt have the outlook and songs I expected from the version on PC back in 2000. But this O2Jam U is still good fun and it’s free so definitely worth trying.

Why You Have To Love O2Jam U
1. Provide optimized songs to feel maximized impacts and rhythms
2. Offer ranking system per music
3. Provide “My Album” to manage favorite songs
4. Available to “Sliding” play
5. Support note accelerating function
6. Provide “Jam Combo” and “Double Combo” system
7. Support landscape and portrait mode
8. No “Game Over” for light users
9. Provide a variety of modes
-Three key modes: 2, 4, 5 Key
-Three levels: Easy, Normal, Hard
-Eight Speed Controls

Check out this person whom have mastered O2Jam U on his iPhone. Will you be able to play like him?

O2Jam U, iOS: FREE