Samsung Galaxy SIII vs Nokia Lumia 900 Pt.1: Outlook [Video]

So since we have both devices in hand, we thought.. why not do a series of comparisons of both devices instead? So here’s part 1, where we look at the difference in design and outlook for the white Galaxy SIII and Lumia 900.

Let’s start our journey by looking at the packing. The SIII, though bigger in size, has a more compact box with minimal design upfront. The Lumia 900 comes in a bigger box with recyclable materials, and graphics featuring the 3 colour variants; Cyan, Black, White.

Both the devices have glossy white body and sports a large screen with antiscratch glass. The SIII has a 4.8″ Super Amoled screen while the Lumia 900 has a 4.3″ ClearBlack AMOLED screen. Dimensions:
Lumia 900: 127.8 X 68.5 X 11.5mm, 160g.
Galaxy SIII: 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6mm, 133 g

The SIII is so thin it can barely accomodate the 3.5mm headphone jack. We think that phones in the future will never get thinner than this unless the manufacturers would sacrifice the headphone jack and just use bluetooth for audio. The Lumia 900 however, is thicker by 3mm and has the simcard slot and micro USB port at the top alongside the headphone jack. Notice that we now need a pin in order to eject the simcard tray. Pin is included in the box of course.

The SIII comes with a 1.9mpx front camera while the Lumia 900 is 1.3mpx. Nothing extraordinary here on the top of the display.

With the matte aluminium coating on the side of the phone, the SIII looks more classy white the full glossy white body on the Lumia 900 gives is a more edge and modern look. The dedicated button on the side of Lumia 900 gives it an added advantage to be able to capture photos even without the need to activate the lockscreen.

We really like how Nokia has done with integrating the speaker grill in the body itself. This signifies true unibody casing on the Lumia 900. The SIII has the micro USB port at the bottom of the phone, we’d say that charging the phone from the bottom is quite convenient.

We are not a fan of hardware buttons, hence we prefer the all touch capacitive buttons on the Lumia 900. It’s just weird having both hardware and touch buttons on the Samsung as we get confused at times trying to tap the home button which obviously requires a little strength to press.

Both devices have glossy back, both look really sexy and there really isnt much difference in terms of handling and both felt comfortable in the palm. Notice the camera of the Lumia 900 is more towards the center of the phone compared to the SIII, this may or may not be convenient for some users. The metal plate at the back of the Lumia 900 is prone to scratches and we know this after using the Lumia 800 for few months now.

So which outlook is better? Which one looks cooler? Which do you prefer? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Read PART 2 here

Here’s a detailed look on the outlook of the SIII and Lumia 900 in VIDEO!


  • Blablabush

    Awesome SmashPOP!

  • Romester_PH

    Woot. Romester_PH here from Instagram 🙂 nice comparison writeup. Will definitely wait for the succeeding posts 🙂

  • Thank you for doing this.. totally AWESOME

  • Jacson X

    I like the phone more rectangular shape so i prefer Nokia look better! 🙂 and the wp metro ui live tile look cool! Coz Im using lumia 800 white now! XD

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  • TImmy

    Prefer Lumia, SIII is kinda normal to me 🙂

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