Samsung Galaxy SIII vs Nokia Lumia 900 Pt.2: Homescreen, Phone, Messaging

This is part 2 of the series of comparisons. Click here to read PART 1.

Now that we are done with checking out the outlook, let’s find out the difference on Homescreen, Phone and Messaging modules on both devices.

The Lumia 900 has a homescreen with Live Tiles that flips, which act as the shortcut/widgets to the respective apps in the phone. Tiles can be rearranged anyway you want. Just tap and hold, drag the tiles and they can either be placed anywhere or ‘unpinned’ from the homescreen.
The SIII runs Ice Cream Sandwich and as we all already know, there’s a dock with 5 shortcut icons at the bottom and maximum of 7 different panels for widgets which you can add by tapping and holding on the background wallpaper on the homescreen.

Apps are displayed in a list on the Lumia and we can get to any app we want by either scrolling, searching or picking the first letter of the app name. Getting to the app you wan is really easy and usually takes about 1-2 seconds only (for apps not pinned to the homescreen). To pin an app to the homescreen, just tap and hold on the app name, then select ‘pin to homescreen’ from the popup menu. [Check out how this is done from the video below]
On the Galaxy S3, apps are, as expected.. presented in a grid layout. On the top are 2 tabs ‘apps’ and ‘widgets’. From the latter tab, you may select a widget and place it on the homescreen. One thing we really like here is the option to hide apps. One may do this to apps which they seldom use.. some may hide apps which are.. erm.. u know. 😀

Here are the 4 buttons which we can see on the Phone module for both the devices.[Keypad, Logs, Favs and contacts] on the S3 and [Voicemail, Keypad, Contacts and Search] on the Lumia 900.

Both the keypads look very clean and massive. With the Metro UI style on the Lumia 900, the keypad screen is very simple and minimalist. There isn’t must to talk about here.
On the Galaxy S3, the buttons are more vibrant since Androids are known to have colourful interfaces. Like all Android devices, we can tap on the keypad to have the autocomplete system to find our friends’ name. This saves the time from manually going into the phonebook to search for that someone you want to call. [Check out how this is done from the video below]

Lets move on to the Messaging module. This is how the SMS conversation list looks like on both devices. Conversations are called ‘threads’ on the Windows Phone. The Lumia 900 really excels here as the Messaging hub does not only work with SMS, it is also intergated with Facebook Chat and Live Messenger (MSN).
The Galaxy SIII has a new feature too. When you are looking at your conversation with .. say.. Friend A. Hold the phone up to your ears and the phone will dial Fried A’s number straight away. Saves a few second from tapping the name and then press ‘call’, like how you’d do on any phone.

On the Messaging hub on the Lumia 900, we can see 2 tabs(pivots): Threads & Online. Swiping to the right will show us a list of friends who are online on either MSN or Facebook Chat. Their status are also listed below the respective names.
Now you can chat with .. say Friend B, no matter where they are. Seamlessly switch among SMS – Facebook Chat – MSN by simply tapping the ‘switch’ button at the bottom of the screen. Thumbs up for this integration.

Here’s a look at the Samsung keyboard. The keys are spreaded apart, giving users more space when typing and to avoid typos. It has Swype built in as well, means once enabled, we just need to swipe our finger around the keyboard to build words, instead of typing letter by letter. One thing which we really hate was the autocorrect. It frequently auto corrects the words we type to something we didnt want, which is very annoying. [Check out the keyboard typing from the video below]

The keyboard on the Lumia 900, though very basic, works really well in learning words and the autocorrect just seems more comfortable to use. We quite like the typing sound effect as well. As good as it can be, we are a fan of Swype and we hope Microsoft will integrate the swiping gestures to its keyboard in the future.

Now…. check out the full video of the comparison between Galaxy SIII v Lumia 900 in terms of Homescreen, Phone and Messaging NOW!

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Stay tuned for PART 3: SOCIAL

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