Astro On-The-Go Now Available For Android Devices!

Following the successful launch of Astro On-The-Go for iOS devices, Android users can now rejoice, as the Astro On-The-Go application is now available in Google Play for free starting with selected Samsung devices. For Astro customers with Android devices to enjoy the Astro On-The-Go experience, Astro has extended the preview period for Astro On-The-Go to all Astro customers.

Watch the best of Astro with Astro On-The-Go, now available for selected Android devices —an innovative service which delivers non-stop entertainment anytime, anywhere. With Astro On-The-Go, customers can enjoy immediate access to Astro TV and Radio Channels, LIVE Events, Video-On-Demand (VOD) and Catch Up TV across multiple online and mobile devices.

The latest update for Astro On-The-Go application now includes 8 additional radio channels; Radio Hitz, Radio Mix, Radio MY, Radio Sinar, Radio Era, Radio Gegar, Radio THR Raaga and Radio Lite. iOS users are encouraged update their current Astro On-The-Go app to Version 2.7.2. via the Apple App Store to enjoy the new radio channels.

The Astro On-The-Go app is available for download for free via the Apple App Store and the Google Play store. Astro On-The-Go is currently available for the following Samsung devices:
· Samsung Galaxy S II (OS 4.0 and above)
· Samsung Galaxy S III (OS 4.0 and above)
· Samsung Galaxy Nexus (OS 4.0 and above)
· Samsung Tab 10.1 (OS 3.2 and above)
· Samsung Tab 7.7 (OS 3.2 and above)
· Samsung Tab 7 Plus (OS 3.2 and above)
· Samsung Tab 7.0 (OS 3.2 and above)
· Samsung Tab 8.9 (OS 3.2 and above)
· Samsung Note (OS 4.0 and above)

Astro-On-The-Go: Android: FREE

  • Abyhubbysecret

    Tak ada ke astro on-the-go untuk samsung galaxy note 2??

  • Note20

    Note 2 takdak.. pakai fon oldskul salah, fon latest salah hurmm..

    • afif

      Semua peranti pon x leh.. Dulu hp saya bolehbke tgk.. Pastu format je dahbx bolwh tgk dah.. Hurmm angin je. . astro dah block dah sebenarnya…

  • Norimani

    Biler leh tgk astro kt note 2 nie..huhuhu..