Just How Good Is The iPhone 5 Camera? Here Are Some Sample Photos

So we’ve got the chance to play around with the new iPhone 5 recently and before we dive into a full review of the device, let’s take a look at some photos taken using the iPhone 5’s 8mpx camera.

Since the camera is basically the same as the one on the iPhone 4S, they did improve it a little. One of is if the surface of the camera.

Although the surface of the iSight camera is as clear as glass, it’s not made of glass. It’s actually sapphire crystal, whose hardness is second only to diamond on the scale of transparent materials. That means the surface of the lens is far less likely to scratch.

Now let’s take a look at the photos. Photos are unedited. Only resized. Click on them to enlarge.

Auto mode with bright natural lighting from the glass window on the side.
The colour is vibrant and white balance is just right, though we feel that it would be better if it was like 10% warmer.

Macro shot of the Lightning connector. Undoubtedly one of the best close-up capable camera on any mobile device until now.

Dark subject with bright background. HDR was turned off. As expected, this is what most camera produce when it comes to backlighted subjects.

Same subject with HDR on. Note that the clouds are still visible while the subjects are now slightly highlighted, bringing up the shadow. We expected the HDR to bring up more of the dark parts of the photo. The HDR effect did not satisfy our expectations.

Front camera! Looks good in bright environments. Didnt get to try it under low light.

So that was our short review of the iPhone 5 camera. Stay tuned for full review!

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