Nokia Transport Gets More Features With v2.3 Update

The already awesome Nokia Transport app for Lumia devices has been updated to v2.3 and it is now more pleasant looking with some extra features.

No matter how you like to get around—bus, train, subway, tram—Nokia Transport makes it easier than ever in over 550 cities. Transport combines all of your public transportation options in one convenient app, giving you one-tap access to routes, schedules and timetables.

What’s New:

Glance and go with intuitive icons
Easily find the next leg of your route at a glance. Additionally, the new POI icons in the History view (e.g. hotels, restaurants, shops) make it easy for you to identify your destination. No more slowing down to figure out where you are going or what you are looking for—you simply glance and go.

Your last stop is just a swipe away
Now a simple swipe left or right in the main screen reveals your previous destinations, then just tap to see the route options from wherever you are.

Continuous and automatic over-the-air updates—they just happen
Now information on service changes, new routes, and newly supported cities is automatically pushed to your phone, so you always have the latest route information and schedules.

Improved station search puts finding your station a tap away
Searching just got more precise and relevant. Simply enter the name of your station and Transport prioritizes public transport stations to the top of your search results. No more scrolling to find what you’re looking for. Just type, tap, and go.

Currently the Nokia Transport on the Nokia Collection in Windows Phone Marketplace is v2.1.
To get this v2.3, head to Nokia Beta Labs, sign in with your Nokia account, and click “Try It Now”