iPhone 5 May Launch In Malaysia On 26th October!

Apple is planning to launch the iPhone 5 in India on October 26, in a move to release the smartphone to one of the world’s largest markets which they have yet to be the dominant manufacturer.

According to BGR;
“Multiple sources have confirmed to us that Apple is preparing to launch the iPhone 5 in India on the last Friday of this month, which happens to be October 26. As we had exclusively reported earlier, Apple will be distributing the iPhone 5 in India on its own rather than relying on its carrier partners.
We expect the iPhone 5 to have a wider availability unlike the past where it was not available readily everywhere.”

26th October may also be the date when Apple release the iPhone 5 to a new batch of countries including Malaysia.

According to an industry source;
“If orders remain within projections made by Apple by Sept 30, the Oct 26 launch date in Malaysia together with several other countries will remain”.

Apple has announced that it plans to make the iPhone 5 available in at least 100 countries by the end of the year. So hopefully Malaysians will be able to queue all over again for Apple’s latest smart device.