Instagram Disables Twitter Integration. Twitter To Release Photo Filters

Seems like there is a war now between Instagram and Twitter. Some call it the Photo War.

Recently Instagram has stopped their integration with Twitter, which means users will not be able to view Instagram previews anymore on the Twitter timeline, instead the browser will be launched and Instagrams can only be viewed there.

Twitter has just confirmed this:
Instagram has disabled photo integration with Twitter. As a result, photos are no longer appearing in Tweets or user photo galleries.
While tweeting links to Instagram photos is still possible, you can no longer view the photos on Twitter, as was previously the case.

On another note, Twitter is now testing Instagram-like photo filters and will be rolled up as an app update before Christmas.

According to AllThingsD:
The goal is to release the camera filters in an application update in time for the holiday season, these sources say. The new version of the app is currently in testing, which may be why we’re seeing Twitter chairman Jack Dorsey post so many black-and-white filtered photos of his Square employees (not to mention the wing of his plane at takeoff, posted just this Saturday morning).


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