Nokia Lumia 620 (Malaysia) Review [Video]

Alright! Here’s a long overdue review of the Nokia Lumia 620 launched in Malaysia last month at RRP RM799.

Before we move on, here are some specs of the device. It has a 3.8″ LCD screen with ClearBlack technology (it basically means that the screen has this ability to display clearly even under direct sunlight). The 620 has a 5mpx camera at the back and runs on a Snapdragon S4 dual-core 1Ghz processor. The size of the phone is very similar to the Lumia 800 as both of these devices have the same screen size.

Built & Screen
The built quality of this phone is really good. When we first held it, the 620 gave us a solid and sturdy feeling which we seldom find in a phone at this price point. The outlook is very similar to it’s bigger sibling, the Lumia 820. Due to the price, it does not have the ‘nail hammering glass’ that comes with the 920 so it is not recommended to use the 620 to do any torture tests at all lol.
The screen is also surprisingly good, given that it’s a replacement for the old Lumia 610, the display has improved a lot in colour production, vibrancy and sharpness.

Windows Phone 8 and Live Tiles
The Lumia 620 is running Windows Phone 8, Microsoft’s latest iteration of the mobile phone OS. As you all may already know, it has resizeable live tiles, preview lockscreens and many other improvements over Windows Phone 7.5. You can check out some of these features mentioned in the video below. As seen on the photo above, the CNN live tile is showing the photo and a liner from the latest news. Many apps on the WP8 platform are now adopting this feature to show richer content when the live tile is enlarged.

Back shells & camera
The 620 has interchangeable shells. By default, it comes with either black or white but you can always purchase other colours from the Nokia Store.

The black one that we reviewed has matte finish. Which means it is not glossy, hence does not attract fingerprints. The camera, as expected, was just average. White balance may not be well calculated at times, and images are not super sharp but they are OK to be used for usual sharing and FB updates 🙂

So is the Lumia 620 worth buying? Well, to those tight on budget or youths who wants a smartphone at a low price, this is definitely the choice, but if you have more to spend or want a more advanced Windows Phone 8, you can spend about RM1.6k for a Lumia 820. Check out the video below for more demos and review of the Lumia 620