Samsung’s Upcoming Smartwatch GALAXY Altius Leaked

Slashgear has just posted some ‘screenshots’ which are allegedly from a Samsung smartwatch, named the GALAXY Altius.

This series of screen-grabs includes the name GALAXY Altius, one that we’ve heard in a set of rumors very recently attached to what was thought to be the Galaxy S IV – another device rumored to be revealed soon. This device has SKT and SKTelecom on several shots, this indicating that it will be carried with a data plan on that particular South Korean mobile service. Though the software here does appear to have an Android-type look to it, it could just as easily be a basic Java-based interface not unlike what we’re seeing with today’s reveal of the REX series from Samsung.

The screenshots are 500×500 pixels and show a codename of ‘Samsung-GA7’ and a software version of AltiusOS beta2. The internal storage space is 235MB of which 1.5% was used up.

From the screenshots can we see tiles of a music player, a clock, and a connection to emails.

Since Samsung introduced bendable screens recently, will they implement that on their upcoming smartwatch? Let’s wait and see.