‘Quora’ For iPhone & Android, An Awesome App To Know More

‘Simple Awesome’.
That’s our first impression when the app was installed and launched on our phones.

Quora, the website for users to ask and answer questions, was launched in 2010 and they have recently released the official app for iPhone and Android.

Quora is your best source of knowledge. Ask any question, get real answers from people with first hand experience, and blog about what you know.

We have never own an app that is so interesting yet beneficial. The questions in the app (suggested by other users) get answered by people who has the real facts and surprisingly, the topics are very interesting that it got us hooked.

• Add and browse questions and blogs
• Answer questions and write blog posts with rich text features
• Share interesting questions, answers, and blog posts with your friends and followers
• Vote on the best answers and blog posts
• Discover different topics that interest you

You MUST install it to experience the awesomeness.

Quora; iPhone: FREE
Quora; Android: FREE