Steve Jobs Manga Launches. Here’s A Preview

Remember Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography? This is the official manga version of it by Mari Yamazaki and is now available in the May 2013 issue of the girls’ comic anthology Kiss.

This is the cover of the manga.

Yamazaki plays on Jobs’ rebellious side, including an incident where he accidentally leaves a gigantic bag of marijuana in his car at the age of 15. Jobs’ father Paul discovers it, but the argument isn’t resolved on page — in the next panel, we see Jobs laying down and smoking in a field, thinking to himself “I’m special, so I’m a free person.” In a country where drug use is still genuinely counter-culture in most circles, it seems the archetype of the misunderstood genius works just as well.

Preview of the manga below

You can click here to to read the first chapter.