Instagram Competitor ‘Photoplay’ Is Better & Available on iPhone, Android, WindowsPhone

Love Instagram? then you have to check out ‘Photoplay’.

Photoplay is all about photo. And sharing. And photo. And sharing again.
Photoplay looks like Instagram. But it works with every modern smartphone, is simple, allows doing rectangular photos, has extended privacy settings, and much more!

Photoplay on WindowsPhone.

Photoplay on iPhone

Exclusive features:
– customizable effects, vignetting;
– easy square or rectangular crop;
– discover photos on map;
– privacy setting for every photo;
– ability to repost photos;
– extended search.

Photoplay on Android

Other features:
– blur, tilt-shift, brightness and contrast;
– 8 free quality filters;
– easy Facebook, Twitter and VK photo sharing;
– easily find friends from phonebook and social networks;
– likes, comments, etc.

Photoplay; iPhone: FREE
Photoplay; WindowsPhone: FREE
Photoplay; Android: FREE