Google Releases ‘QuickOffice’ For Android. Edit Your Office Docs On The Go

If you are on Android and has been using Google Drive to edit your documents, you should realised that Google Drive does not play well with Microsoft Office documents.
They have now launched QuickOffice, a free app for you to install and edit these Microsoft Office if you are a Google Apps For Business user.

With Quickoffice you can:
– Create, Edit & View Word documents (.docx)
– Create, Edit & View Excel® spreadsheets (.xlsx)
– Create, Edit & View PowerPoint® presentations (.pptx)
– Edit & View older versions of Word, Excel®, PowerPoint® (.doc, .xls, & .ppt)
– Spell Check in documents (.doc & .docx)

With Quickoffice it’s easy to:
– Change colors, font, backgrounds and insert images
– Rearrange cells and work with formulas in spreadsheets
– Create, edit and rearrange your Drive folders & files
– Convert text to speech and speech to text
– Scroll in any direction and tap-and-drag to move and align objects

QuickOffice; Android: FREE