This Is How Apple Products Are Photographed [Video]

We all know that Apple products are always top notch in terms of product shots and the ability to highlight the most detailed parts of a certain device. All these are thanks for the photographer, Peter Belanger.

In an interview with Peter, he revealed that Apple exercises extreme attention to detail. He is always provided with both sketches and a comprehensive shot list for each device.

The team at Apple always has a really well developed shot list and sketches of what they need. I work with their talented art directors to translate those sketches into photos. We start by getting the position of the product and then move forward on lighting. Because Apple products have such carefully selected materials it is incredibly important to light the product in a way that will showcase the various materials accurately.

As shown above, Peter uses a a complicated looking setup of lights and equipment to accurately photograph Apple devices like the iPhone.

Though a little old, this video below is able to show you how the whole process is done with the iPhone 3Gs