5 Reasons Why The Samsung Galaxy S4 Is For Women

Samsung’s latest flagship device, the Galaxy S4 has been touted the most feature-packed Android device in the market currently. With features like Air Gestures, Sound & Shot, Group Play & more, it’s hard to resist not considering it when purchasing a smartphone. BUT do you know that the device is actually targeted to women?
Here are 5 reason why we think so:

5. The large 5-inch screen is actually a mirror

Seriously, you think the large screen is for multitasking or to view photos? Nah. This is the only reason why the screen is so big and the AMOLED display is so ‘black’ when turned off. So that women can see their reflection clearly and fix their make up if they didn’t bring a mirror along with them. But then again? Do they still need a mirror?

4. Shine bright like a diamond

‘Unique Textured Design’ they say, but to our eyes, it’s some diamond like pattern that blings everytime you hold it up to your ears. ‘Hey girl friend, my bling is bigger than the one on your finger’.

3. Cares for your wet fingernails & champagne

Oh you know how women love their fingernails painted. Since this happens very frequently and so coincidentally they want to view photos or pick up a call, how? Well, they can’t as they need to touch the scree.. oh wait, there’s Air Gestures now. Women can do all the swiping and scrolling without spoiling their finger nails.

2. It fits in the clutch/purse

You know how women like to carry a long purse or a clutch when they go out. Well, guess what? The S4 is so thin it fit’s in there and they don’t need to carry a bag for it.. since.. you know.. pockets on female pants are so small they can only fit a lipstick.

5 Reasons Why The Samsung Galaxy S4 Is For Women

1. Women love everything 5 inches 😛

Well, you know.

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