5 Signs Why It’s Time To Upgrade Your Phone

Everyone has a phone nowadays but not everyone’s phone is new. Some people are not into mobile stuff so they will stay with the same phone for years as long as it can still make calls and send SMSes. In the modern age, especially in the urban areas, everyone wants to catch up on the latest mobile technology and don’t want to get left behind. iPhones, Galaxy, Lumia, Xperia and some other names are often mentioned and noticed around us. If you are not aware of these and still holding on to the phone you bought back in 2006, then here are 5 reasons why you should get a new smartphone now.

5. Your phone is giving you problems

When the phone is 4 years and older, they usually don’t work as efficient as before anymore. Frequent restarts, or it hangs halfway when you are loading a website. Some even experience snail-like processing power. Means it takes at least 10 seconds to switch on the camera. When you are experiencing this day in and day out, don’t you think it is time to get a new phone?

4. Your friends are enjoying their new smartphones

Look at your friend’s phone.. now look at yours. Look at your friend’s phone.. now look at yours. Look at your friend’s phone.. now look at yours. You friend is having fun playing Candy Crush or watching Youtube while you are just playing Snake. That’s a sign that you should probably upgrade your phone and join in or enjoy the features on smartphones nowadays.

3. You want to share your daily meals

Everyone is showing their peers what they are having for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You have the urge to share but your phone’s camera takes blurry photos, or the processor is too old you can’t even install Instagram on it.

2. Tired of browsing through the phone menus

You take out your phone and there is no missed calls or unread SMSes. You want to do something interesting on your phone but all you can do is scrolling up and down the menu. OK maybe you can do more than that; reading your old SMSes perhaps? That’s also a sign, mate.

5 Signs Why It’s Time To Upgrade Your Phone

1. You are on the bus or the train and you are freakin bored.

Stare at people. That’s all you can do.

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