Unofficial Vine App Coming To Windows Phone

Vine is a 6-seconds video sharing app by Twitter. If you haven’t heard about it yet, please check out our article here.
The app is currently only available officially on iOS and Android. Developer Rudy Hyun knows that the Windows Phone community wants it as well, hence building an unofficial app for it called 6sec.

The system doesn’t “hack” any APIs but it does use a relay server to pass on your 6-seconds videos to Vine’s servers for posting.

The 6sec app looks and works similarly to the original Vine app. Users can also connect to their Twitter account for easy social sharing.

An update on WPCentral mentioned that when this app goes live in the Store (expected in a few weeks), the app will come with direct Windows Phone 8 camera support, meaning users can quickly launch their camera and hop into 6Sec to directly record their Vine.