Nokia Lumia 925 Malaysian Review + Battle w iPhone 5, Galaxy S4 & HTC One [Video]

The Nokia Lumia 925 was announced last month and sports the latest Windows Phone OS with an improved Pureview camera. Since we have been using the device for a long period of time, we thought it’s the right moment to write a review and put the camera up to a challenge with a few contenders.
In this post, we will be focusing on 3 angles; hardware, camera & software improvements over previous Lumias.

Tech Specs
Memory: 1GB RAM, 16 GB user memory
Display: 4.5-inch AMOLED WXGA (1280×768)
Processor: 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon
Camera: PureView 8.7-megapixel with OIS, Autofocus, dual LED flash. 2nd camera: HD 1.2MP wide angle
Size: 129 x 70.6 x 8.5* mm (*volumetric).
Weight: 139g
Battery: 2000 mAh


On first look, the 925 looks very similar as the 920 but after a closer look, we noticed that it’s a whole new design and is more comfortable to hold. One of the changes is the aluminium sides. It is Nokia’s first Lumia with aluminium case and it looks and feels very good. the volume rocker, power button and camera button on the right side are very solid and does not wobble at all.

On the back is the matte white (or black or grey) cover which is intact and not removeable. The matte finish provides the same texture feel as the aluminium. At the bottom of the back cover sports the connector to the NFC casing which can be purchased separately. This means the 925 does not come with NFC built-in.

One advice though. If you plan to purchase the Lumia 925, do note that the white one gets dirty easily and it is not easy to be rubbed off (though possible), but then again we feel that white is the nicest among the 3 colour variants.

The screen is now AMOLED, which means colours are more vibrant, texts are sharper and is more visible in bright sunlight. We really love how photos and text look on the screen now. The blacks are super black. This is top notch screen quality.


The Nokia Lumia 925 comes with an 8.7 megapixels Pureview camera with built-in optical image stabiliser. This means the camera is of the best quality by Nokia and is very good in countering handshakes. As expected from a high end Lumia device, the camera can take very good low light photos. Images are a lot sharper compared to the 920, thanks to the 6-lenses system Nokia placed in the 925.

To find out if the camera is really as good as advertised, we put it to a test, head to head with the HTC One with Ultrapixels camera.

Click the images below to enlarge.

Shopping mall, indoor. Taken using HTC One

Shopping mall, indoor. Taken using Nokia Lumia 925

Petronas Twin Towers, 7pm. Taken using HTC One

Petronas Twin Towers, 7pm. Taken using Nokia Lumia 925

From our tests, we felt that the Nokia Lumia 925 is undoubtedly excellent in taking low light shots. In order to see the amazing effects, we suggest to find a spot with as low light as possible. Anyway, from the photos above, we can say that the 925 takes sharper photos, with more details captured in every image. The HTC One on the other hand, captured photos with more natural colours.

Now let’s check out the low light video recording performance. We put the Lumia 925 to the test with the iPhone 5 and also the Samsung Galaxy S4. Watch both and notice the colour production, sharpness and stability of the video that the Lumia 925 produced.

Highway in a moving car. Night. Lumia 925 vs iPhone 5.

Typical Malaysian hawker area. Night. Lumia 925 vs Samsung Galaxy S4.

From both videos, we can see that the Lumia 925 videos are super stable and has better colour production and sharpness. The iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 videos were really shaky and images were not sharp at all.


The 925 runs windows Phone 8, which means what you see is what you have been seeing on other Lumias and Windows Phone devices in the market. However, the 925 comes with a newer version with a little new upgrades by Nokia.

First off, the Lumia 925 comes with a new camera app, produced by Nokia. It is called ‘Nokia Smart Camera’. In the option of the app, users have the option to set this app as the default app when the camera hardware button is pressed. The Nokia Smart Cam app comes with a few features. It allows users to remove unwanted objects in photos, capture actions, select and replace best face expression and best shots.

2 more new features we found out. First one being the ability to set the colour saturation level for the screen and also the temperature where you want the display to be warmer or cooler.

The 2nd upgrade is called ‘Glance’. It is basically the time display on the lockscreen which previously was not available. We can also double tap the lockscreen to wake the phone up.


We feel that the Lumia 925 is a very comfortable device. Feels good in the hands, looks minimalistic and clean with a bright and vibrant display. Camera is superb and the little software upgrades are very much welcomed. Somethow the 4.5″ screen looks bigger on this device compared to the 920. Probably because the phone is thinner and lighter. The lack of built-in NFC gives it a negative point compared to other high end phones in the market like the Galaxy S4, HTC One or even the Lumia 920. Overall, the 925 is one of the best Windows Phone we have ever used and we hope Nokia can come up with new hardware design like this one instead of the dated design on other Lumia devices.

Price and availability of the Lumia 925 in Malaysia is still uncertain. What do you think of our review and also the device? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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