‘Fotor’ An Awesome Photo Editing App for Windows Phone 8

If you are using a Windows Phone 8 device and not sure which photo editing app to use, try Fotor.

Fotor for Windows Phone 8 is a perfect combination of many popular photo editing functions including basic editing tools, brilliant special effects, 1-tap-enhance technology, classic borders, collage, as well as other functions.

Fotor includes brightness adjustment, cropping, rotation, blur, and also 1-tap-enhance to make your photo shooting more professional. It also includes photo effect categories each filled to the brim with amazing effects to make your photos stand out. There’s also a fully customizable collage feature, including movable template borders, dozens of classic templates, and different kinds of background templates.

New features
* Collage
• Template Selection
• Template ratio
• Basic adjustments:
A) drag and pull photos by holding finger over photo for 2 seconds to swap the photos position within the collage
B) resize the image display with 2 finger drag
C) adjust the photo within the frame using 1 finger drag
D) adjust the borders by using 1 finger to drag the template’s borders
E) one finger tap will bring the an option menu to remove, rotate, or add a photo
• Template border background
• Template border adjustment
* Save quality selection
• Provides high, medium and low file size for photo saving options.

Fotor, Windows Phone 8: FREE