5 Reasons Why Instagrammers Should Use A Windows Phone

Before this, when someone comes to me and ask if they should get a Windows Phone, I’d ask them one question; “Are you addicted to Instagram?” and if they say yes, I’d ask them to get an iOS or Android phone. This is because for the longest time, Windows Phone did not get the official Instagram app at all and one would never be able to post anything to Instagram no matter what crazy thing they tried. 🙁

This has changed recently because even though the WP still does not get the official Instagram app, 3rd party apps that is 100% compliant to Instagram API on Windows Phone are actually better than the official one on iOs or Android. eg: 6tag & Instance. Here are 5 reasons why.

5. Bored of the same interface? Change it!

In 6tag, there is an option for users to switch between a modern interface (left) or polaroid style (right). There’s even an option for dark or light theme for the modern interface. Why get stuck with one look when you can switch to match your preference? Right?

4. Pin your profile or Instagram feed to the homescreen

Notice the 2 large tiles in the middle of my homescreen above? One is a tile to my profile and the one below to my newsfeed. These tiles get updated automatically when there are new photos uploaded to Instagram by the people you are following. So awesome!

3. Check out nearby Instagrams

Bored of all the photos by your friends on your newsfeed? Hit option and tap on ‘nearby’ and you will be presented with Instagrams posted near you by other users. All on a clean and beautiful map. Great way to find out what’s happening at the location you are at.

2. Post full photo without cropping

If you are using photo-squaring apps like ‘Squaready’ on your device, then you will know what this feature is. The app allows you to show full photo without cropping them! You can also select the background colour; black or white. No more jumping from one app to another just to square an Instagram!

5 Reasons Why Instagrammers Should Use A Windows Phone

1. ReGram and Save Your Favorite Instagrams!

This is very unique and is only available on 6tag. A simple swipe from right to left on any photo on your Instagram feed, will flip the photo and you get 4 options. (Clockwise from left: Like, ReGram, Comment & Save Photo). Users can now repost any Instagram they see on the feed to their followers with just 1 flip and 1 tap. (ReGram is like Retweet on Twitter or Share on Facebook). You can also save any photo you like into your phone gallery. So convenient!

Of course, there are a lot more features on the Windows Phone Instagram apps, like setting notification off during sleep time or remembering 40 of your latest hashtags for easy typing but the above are the top 5 features that I really like. Thanks for reading!

  • You know what? I feel that 6tag is sometimes better than the official one, I’ve been using Instance for some time, so far it doesn’t create a difference from the iOS or Android version. The problem of some people is, they want genuineness.

    • Why are you not using 6tag?

      • I got both loaded, got used to Instance already, so 6tag is just something for me to show people that WP has a good Insta client.

  • winuser

    You forgot one thing: Windows Phones powered by Nokia have the best camera (Lumia 920,925,1020,etc) 😀

    • that is so trueeeeeee

    • Jennifer

      I use nokia Lumia 930 which is yet to update to windows8.1 already reinstalled 6tag app so that I can enjoy the experience of uploading videos to instagram. The issue is I can’t create an account on 6tag to gain access. Is it that irs not compactible with my? If yes then pls advise on alternative app I can use.
      Thank you in advance.

  • Celine

    You already convinced me at Nokia World, I have to admit, but this is so helpful! Thanks

    • That was some pretty cool Nokia Connecting I did there, even if I do say so myself 🙂

  • Jo

    I think 6Tag is way better than Instagram

  • socialjulio

    My first Instagram photo from my Nokia Windows phone! http://instagram.com/p/g9WpeUClEI/

    • Matthew Paul


  • SkatEarth

    Except videos aren’t supported. I can’t even regram a video, it just shows the first frame. And if I want to upload videos I need to pay. I’m going with Android next time. I’m not paying extra for something that’s free with other phones

  • Thanks so much! This is fantastic advice, Off to install 6Tag now!