Swiftkey Gets Updates With Numpad Options & Bugfixes

Most Android users are using Swiftkey keyboard. Why? Cos it’s awesome and it’s a must have for every Android device. If you are still using the default keyboard on your Android, then you should totally check it out.

SwiftKey 4.3.1 now gives you the option to show the number pad on the left or right on the secondary layout. To find this option, press and hold the “123″ key and select Themes.

SwiftKey 4.3.1 also reinstates the missing dollar sign for those in non-US territories – for example, if your default location is the UK, you can tap the “123″ key then the “{&=” key to find the $ sign. To quickly access five currency symbols – pound, dollar, euro, yen and cent – you can press and hold the X key on the primary layout. Last but definitely not least, this release also brings back the distinct spacebar sound.

For full list of changelog, you may check out Swiftkey blog here.

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