VSCO Cam for Android To Be Available Tomorrow [Video]

VSCO Cam, one of the more popular photo editing app on iOS is finally launching on the Android platform!

After many long nights and large amounts of caffeine, the highly-anticipated VSCO Cam for Android will be released tomorrow. Available for most Android 4.0+ devices, VSCO Cam represents major advancements in mobile photography image processing. Available on iOS since June of this year, we’ve seen VSCO Cam grow rapidly, gathering a large following. Taking what we’ve learned from developing VSCO Film®, as well as VSCO Cam for iOS, we’ve achieved results previously unattainable on Android devices. We offer the highest quality of Presets and Tools available for Android photographers.

I’ve been beta testing the app and seems like it works exactly like the iOS version of the app. If you have previously purchased filters, they can be transferred to the Android version too, as long as you sign in to your VSCO account.