‘Phriz.be’ for iOS, Android & WindowsPhone Lets You Share Photos With A Flick

Ever wanted to share hi-res photos with your friends but not sure how apart from sending them over email? Try out phrize.be!

phriz.be is a mobile sharing platform that allows you to discover other users nearby and share photos, including Hi-Res photos taken with your Nokia Lumia 1020. With phriz.be you can share seamlessly with users on all major platforms, as well as email addresses – It’s as Simple as Click. Pick. Share.

phriz.be allows you to easily exchange your content with one friend or large groups. You can access your files at anytime with the activity stream, and even hide your location using the privacy feature in your profile.

– User generated content that is easily shareable in proximity
– Discover, connect and share with nearby users
– Faster and more personalized sharing than social networks and email or text
– Works on any cellular data network
– Worldwide sharing capability using phriz.be connect engine
– Share with one friend or with a large group
– Get notifications for new messages

phriz.be for
Android: FREE
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