New SwiftKey Beta Brings Emoji and Number Row

One of the most popular Android keyboard app, SwiftKey has released a new beta version today, bringing 2 frequently requested features; emojis and number row.

Today brings an exciting new SwiftKey keyboard beta which delivers some of your most requested features including emoji support for over 500 fun images and an optional number row for those who want quicker access to number keys.

Classic emoji:
Choose from more than 500 emoji across five categories: people, objects, nature, places and symbols. This update introduces a popup panel with tabs for each category so you can manually select the emoji of your choice.

Emoji word match:
As you type one of hundreds of keywords, you can opt to be offered emoji predictions in the candidate bar. For example, typing “Santa” will offer you a Christmas emoji in addition to word predictions, just tap the emoji image to select.

Fun examples include: “sleepy”, “pizza”, “broken”, “cheers” and “kiss”. Also, if you start typing a time of the day, such as 10pm, you may be greeted by the relevant clock symbol.

Optional number row:
SwiftKey 4.5 beta introduces the option of a dedicated number row on top of the keyboard for faster access to numbers, particularly for those with larger phone sizes. To find this setting, press and hold the 123 key, select Settings, then Theme & Layout, you can then tick or untick the Number Row option.

You can download the APK file here.