5 Reasons Your Mobile Phone Is More Important Than Your Girlfriend / Boyfriend

Admit it, as much as you love your partner, you just cant stop looking at your phone during a stroll at the park, during dinner or even during.. u know.


Here are 5 reason why your phone is more important than your girlfriend or boyfriend.

5. Your phone allows you save and proof someone’s promises

Sure your girlfriend said that she will never be angry at you anymore after a particular arguement. 2 days later, she gets angry again about something else. When you confront her, she says “Did I promise you that? Show me proof.”
So if you are using your mobile phone, there’s always proof of what she promised you before this.

4. With all the BFFs, there’s no time for BF.

When you are with your boyfriend / girlfriend, you are only talking to one person. They will tell you stories you’ve heard before as you meet them everyday. With your phone, you get new stories every single time you launch a messenger app cos you have so many friends there. Talk about fresh conversations yo!

3. Music to your ear

“Hey don’t spend so much. Save some money”. “Honey, why are you not talking to me as much as before?” “Hey babe, who were you with last night? I saw you with someone at the hotel!”
With your phone in your hands, you only hear good music. No Nags. No questions.

2. Who knows you more?

No one knows you better than your phone. With your personalised bookmarks, news feeds & social updates, your phone knows that you like shopping, or technology, or sports and tells you the things you want to know and news you are interested in.
On the other hand, your girlfriend still asks you “What do you want for lunch? What would you like for your birthday?”.

5 Reasons Your Mobile Phone Is More Important Than Your Girlfriend / Boyfriend

1. Couple selfie

OK everyone will agree to this. If your phone is not more important, then how are you gonna take a selfie with your loved one? You. Need. Your. Phone. For. That. Lovely. Selfie.
Now everyone say AWWWWW.

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