Samsung To Announce The Galaxy Camera 2

Samsung is finally announcing the newer version of its Galaxy Camera which was announced in August 2012. Just like the first one, the Galaxy Camera 2 runs on Android, has a 4.8″ screen and has a 16-megapixels sensor.

According to Samsung, the device now has a new image processing system that should be able to produce better looking photos, despite having the same sensor as the previous one.

The camera also includes a 1.6GHz processor, 2GB of RAM. and in addition to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the new Galaxy Camera also includes NFC connectivity.

Apart from the new 28-scene modes, users can also select separate autofocus and autoexposure points on the touchscreen, adding slightly more advanced features for those who need it. The Galaxy Camera 2 also includes 21x zoom, ISO up to 3200, 1080p video recording, and film slow motion at 120FPS.

Pricing and availability will be announced today at CES.