5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Play ‘Flappy Bird’

It came without notice, this new addiction that hails from Vietnam got everyone changing their lifestyle and it might do more soon. We are talking about ‘Flappy Bird’.

Flappy Bird is a very simple game whereby you control a bird by flying it through obstacles. To control the flying, you just need to tap the screen. It’s that simple, yet addictive. I’ve been playing it for the whole of yesterday and I just couldn’t stop!

Anyway, here are 5 reasons why you SHOULD NOT play the game.

5. Your phone will die.

It’s true! Just yesterday during the dinner, my friend kept saying that his phone’s battery is flat and he couldn’t receive any calls for the whole night. WHY? Cos he was playing Flappy Bird for hours before the dinner.

4. Your friends will leave you.

If you are a Flappy Bird player, you are most likely to be looking down at your phone without caring if your friends are around or not. They will soon feel neglected and abandon you and go some place else instead.

3. Your thumb will fall off.

OK not literally but with constant motion of tapping the screen millions of times in just few hours will eventually sore it and you wont be able to use your thumb for anything anymore.

2. You will lose your job.

If you continue playing it even in the office, your boss will notice and fire you. If you keep playing it at home, you will not finish your assignments and your boss will fire you. If you think of starting to play the game, your boss will fire you.

5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Play ‘Flappy Bird’

1. Your brother could die.

This is not a joke. Someone killed his brother for achieving higher scores than him in Flappy Bird. READ HERE.

But of course, if you know how to control your addiction, then Flappy Bird is seriously fun to play especially when you are competing with your friends on achieving the highest scores or just for bragging rights by posting screenshots on Instagram. HAHA

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