[Leaked] Screenshot of Notification Center on Windows Phone 8.1

The one feature that has been requested for the longest time by Windows Phone users all these years, seem to be coming soon in the next big update of the Windows Phone OS.

Screenshots of notification center on on WP 8.1 has been leaked and it looks really good!

The screenshots above are from a presentation whereby Microsoft calls ‘Action Center’.

From the image we can see that users can soon enable / disable connections such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode and Driving Mode from the pull down Action Center. These toggles are customizable. There’s a ‘Clear All’ button to clear all notifications and an ‘All Settings’ button that will bring you to the full settings screen. Users swipe down once for the quick-actions, and can swipe again for the notifications.

The guys from TheVerge has managed to grab hold of it and posted a very clear photo of the Action Center.