iPhone 6 Prototype Got Leaked & It Looks Good [Photos]

Are you ready? This is probably the first time the next iPhone got leaked and it does match all the previous rumors before this. These images were posted by Sonny Dickson, who previously leaked parts of the iPhone 5C and the iPad mini before this. The source of all these photos were actually from here.


From the leaked images, these prototypes do have a bezel-less screen and thinner, similar to the iPod touch. The back case is silver and has a bigger flash than the iPhone 5s.

No one can confirm if these are the iPhone 6 but they look legit and do match the rumors that have been spreading before this.

Reports mentioned before that Apple will be launching the next iPhone in 2 sizes; 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch. Now let’s wait and see if there are anymore leaks of the iPhone 6 in the coming months.