Evernote For Android Updated With Handwriting Support & Faster Camera

Evernote for Android has just received a new update that allows users to input via handwriting apart from the usual keyboard.

According to them, the feature is thoroughly integrated throughout the app. Users can switch between typing and handwriting, useful if you are taking notes and want to draw a chart or graph. The handwriting is also searchable as well, provided the handwriting is easily readable.

New features in this update:
– Write and sketch inside your notes!
– Keep handwriting, text, photos, and files in the same note
– Choose from several colors and line thicknesses

Editor improvement:
– New: Text highlighter
– Better support for notes made on other platforms
– Edit content in tables created on other platforms

Note improvements
– Create a note link to quickly jump between notes
– Duplicate a note
– Better, Faster Camera


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