Samsung Posts 3 New Galaxy Pro Ads, Mocking The iPad [Video]

Videos of one brand bashing another is not new anymore but it is always fun to watch. This time around, Samsung has released a few videos showing off what the Galaxy Pro tabs can do that the iPad cannot.

Pony Princess Hair Salon is all well and good, but having privacy on a shared tablet is even better. With Multi User Mode on the Galaxy Pro Series, each person has a separate log in — so the whole family can have their own space.

Pixel density
It may not have a Retina Thingy, but the Galaxy Tab Pro does have more pixels than the competition — so it looks that much better.

Two things at once
When it comes to talking to the boss, you always want to put your best face forward. With Multi Window on the Galaxy Pro Series, video chatting and sending emails are not mutually exclusive.

So what do you guys think of these videos? Do you think it’s ethical for Samsung to produce videos like this?

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